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Selina Delgado

“If at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger hammer.” 

Selina has been a part of the Murphy team since the beginning of 2018. She is known as the “boots on the ground” in the role of Projects Lead.

Selina graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Show Production from Full Sail University. She brings an assortment of experience, including more than 10 years of management experience as ETL at Target and a General Manager at Petco. Selina also brings more than 8 years of production industry experience working with various companies.

Selina was born in England and traveled a lot as a kid as her dad was in the Air Force. She considers Myrtle Beach, SC where she is from and has called Orlando home for about 8 years.

Selina enjoys hanging with her friends, dancing in her living room and binge-watching Netflix shows.

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